Librarian, writer, and blogger. Also mother, wife, frugal consumer, avid decor reader. Decor/Gardening book reviewer for The Toronto Star‘s New in Homes section, former Star Tester (Test Drive) for the Life section, one-time foreign correspondent after travelling to Malawi to interview William Kamkwamba, author of The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind, and also Ali Sikelo who returned to Malawi from Toronto to participate in its democracy after Malawi emerged from 3 decades of a dictatorship. While there I also reported on Canadian Gerry Douglas and his $1 million eHealth miracle. Well a two-timer since, in 2012, I interviewed Moses, an orphaned baby elephant and his human mommy. My library gig, though, pays the bills and each and every day is fascinating.

Click here to view my page on the Toronto Star’s columnists’ site.

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