Happy Leap Year!

I’m glad to enter the world of freelance blogging on a day that occurs every four years.

After 80 blog postings for Moms on Money for Moneyville, I’m branching out on my own and expanding on the issues that concern me as a consumer, Canadian, mother, wife, and dog owner.

I work at the Toronto Star as a librarian and write freelance for various sections of the newspaper. Blogging for Moneyville gave me a taste for instant feedback and I hope you’ll let me know if you agree with statements, can expound on them, or totally and utterly disagree. Just be nice about it.

Thanks for visiting and I’ll keep you posted.



  1. Loved the Made in Canada post. Who knew that our entire country has two websites devoted to highlighting our business and industrial output. I wonder if Craiglist or Kiiji (did I use enough i’s??) can be used to locate local services??

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