Free Online Course – Exploring the Mystery of a Spruce Bog at Northern Lakes College

Exploring the Mystery of a Spruce Bog

Spruce bogs are a natural habitat found in Northern Alberta. They are, literally, the half-way world between land and water. Spruce bogs are very unique ecosystems because the acidic soils create harsh conditions for plants and animals to live in. The sphagnum and peat mosses that make up the forest floor are so thick that it is like walking on a water bed. Come explore the mystery of a spruce bog with Forest Educator, MJ Munn-Kristoff. She will take you on a virtual tour of the spruce bog habitat and identify the vegetation, insects, birds and animals you will find there. Join us for a two-hour adventure while keeping your feet dry.


 This session is in partnership with the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society,

Available Anywhere – LIVE Online

Mar 12, 2012, 6:30PM – 8:30PM (Mountain Standard Time)

FREE (you must register to participate)

About the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society: The society is committed to forest focused environmental education and is led by a dedicated group of volunteer representatives from industry, schools and government who share a common goal of environmental stewardship.  Educational programming is developed and delivered by professional Forest Educators.


About the Instructor: MJ Munn-Kristoff is the Executive Director for the Lesser Slave Forest Education Society.   MJ has been involved in forest education for over 25 years through various organizations and she loves to teach about the boreal forest, environmental awareness and forest ecology. MJ has spent extensive time in the outdoors and is familiar with the flora and fauna of the region.


To Register Contact Northern Lakes College, WorkForce Development

Phone: 780-849-8623 (toll-free 1-866-652-3456)


Register online –



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