Stupid Frugal Tip: Make your own garbage bag

This awesome tip from Waterloo ran in my Moms on Money column for Moneyville in 2011. I make these bags all the time and never worry if I have plastic bags. If you’re transferring your kitchen waste straight to the composter, this is a perfect solution since compost loves newspaper. Thanks to 6-year-old Bella and her video for the craft-impaired, I never have a problem making the bags. Expert tip: Don’t worry about cutting the newspaper to make everything equal. Just follow the lines and you’ll be fine.

A 6-year-old solved a problem I couldn’t

March 29, 2011 By Peggy Mackenzie 6 Comment(s)

Newspapers - from fish wrap to origami kitchen bin linersNewspapers – from fish wrap to origamikitchen bin linersPeggy Mackenzie’s origami kitchen bin liner

Last week, I wrote a blog on frugal tips and one of them was lining the green bin with newspaper. I was going to try this at home by creating a cone shape with newspaper but reader Sarah from Kitchener kindly emailed instructions.

Who knew that there were online instructions found at the Waterloo Region Web site called Organics Origami? The instructions were part of a handout for the Green Cart Handbook when they started a pilot project collecting organics from apartments and townhouses in 2010. Ottawa started a similar program in 2009.

Not a fan of arts and crafts, I nevertheless tried to make my own kitchen container liner. The instructions seemed really simple. I failed. In fact, I even failed on the first step. Luckily this video on the City of Ottawa’s website. featuring six-year-old Bella, demystifies the whole process:

Ottawa has the instructions down to 5 steps and I’m happy to say that I figured out how to construct it all on my own. In fact, I’m now able to do it by heart, it’s that simple. The bonus using the Toronto Star (besides the great content!) is that you don’t have to cut the paper in Step 2.

I’ll be following a tip from reader Jenn, who reduced her garbage output by lining wastebaskets with paper for holding compostables and recyclables. By designating the baskets, recyclable material isn’t mixed with true trash.

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